What is WordPress

what is WordPress


 This article is part of the WWW 101 Series which provides an introduction to small business websites.


What is WordPress and is it right for my small business website?

WordPress is a free (open source) content management platform that you can use for a blog, website, or both. It is one of many options available to create a small business website. So how can you decide if WordPress is the best solution for your small business website?

WordPress may be a good option for your small business website if you…

  • Need to create and launch your website fast
  • Have a limited budget
  • Want to maintain your own website, e.g., update content and add new functions like forms
  • Intend to inlclude a blog
  • Seek ecommerce capabilities
  • Don’t require a highly customized or integrated website

Elements of a WordPress Website

  • Domain name - I recommend Go Daddy
  • Hosting account - I recommend Go Daddy’s Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Theme (template) – defines the look and feel of your website - use as is or customize the colors, fonts, etc.
  • Plug-ins - software programs that enable you to easily add features (many are free)
  • Content – your text, images, and video

WordPress Plugins

Each theme contains different features and functions. For example, some themes include a featured post widget and some don’t. So the plug-ins you install will vary based on the theme you select.

Must Have Wordpress Plugins

  • Website backup
  • Security
  • Anti spam

Wordpress Plugins you May Need

  • Search engine optimization (if not included with your theme)
  • Form bulilder
  • Subscribe for blog post notifications

Favorite Wordpress Plugins

Getting Started with WordPress

If you are comfortable using computers and seek a do-it-yourself option, it is possible to set up and create a WordPress website without having a technology background. The only limitation will be if you wish to customize the theme’s appearance, e.g., colors, font, etc, because these must be done in the stylesheet (code). Even if you are really into computers, it will take some time to learn the features and how to manage the website in the Admin console. If you wish to save time, a web developer who has experience using WordPress can do all of the set up and teach you how to manage your small business website.

So what do you think? Is WordPress right for your small business website?


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